Bizserv Virtual Assistant Services provides business administration support to entrepreneurs and small business owners who can not justify or afford a full time assistant of their own.

If any of the following statements touch a cord with you, then you are the ideal candidate for a virtual assistant:

  • I really need some help keeping on top of my company administration.
  • I am not spending enough of my time growing my business.
  • I only need a few hours administration support a month.
  • I can’t yet afford to employ a full time assistant.
  • I don’t want a stranger coming to work in my home office.
  • I don’t want to spend money providing an assistant with office and IT equipment.
  • I need an assistant who is going to provide excellent customer service to my valuable clients and prospects.
  • I just need some extra help with this special project.

Bizserv Virtual Assistant Services is specifically positioned to meet the unique requirements of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our typical customers are professional individuals who have recognised that performing mundane administrative tasks detracts from delivering their core business and is not an effective use of their valuable time.

Given the professional nature of our typical customer, it is critical for them to partner with a virtual assistant service provider that will deliver the highest level of service and help them build their brand image at every client interaction. At Bizserv VAS, we are passionate about delivering excellent service to each one of our customers.

Bizserv Virtual Assistant Services is a “virtual” service provider. This means that we use technology (email, telephones, Instant Messaging, Remote File Sharing…) to provide you with administration services from our own premises thereby relieving you of the burden of accommodating your own staff on your premises.

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